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This Website was created  to provide a forum to like-minded people in Europe and throughout the world.

My very first car. I kept my Isetta for more than 30 years

When I first began work on this website, I wanted to include the speeches of the first Pan European Conference of Automotive Historians, which was held in May 2017 in Mulhouse at the Cité de l’ Automobile, the former Collection Schlumpf. However, we found someone who volunteered to put the speeches together in printed form.

Since I wanted to include more than the speeches on these pages, it took a bit of time to work this out. There is so much that one can put on such a website.

I intend to feature news for automotive historians, reports about conferences, and exhibitions.

And since it is my aim to bring people together, I will also include:

Interesting links. Advertisements from historians who need material or photos for their work.

From time to time I will feature interesting photos from my collection. I also want to write about interesting new books.

This will all take some time, so I ask for your patience; working on a website, is not as easy as the providers always try to tell you.