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I am always willing to help others with their research and give material and photos . So please ask.

Seit vielen Jahren ist das Grade Auto eins meiner Traumautos. Ein Grade kommt bei mir weit, weit vor einem Ferrari. Lamborghini etc. Wann haben Sie das letzte mal einen Grade auf der Straße erlebt?

Ich suche seit vielen Jahren alles was mit diesem Auto zusammenhängt. Ich habe auch schon mehrere Artikel geschrieben, aber ich lerne immer wieder etwas Neues über den Grade und will auch weiterhin Neues über den Grade lernen.

Deshalb suche ich noch mehr. Ich weiß das Hans Grade versucht hat, das Auto in alle Welt zu exportieren. Gibt es zeitgenössische Artikel in Autozeitungen außerhalb von Deutschland ? Wenn ja würde ich mich über einen Scan freuen. Genauso interessieren mich zeitgenössische Grade Fotos.

Hans Grade and his car
For many years, the Grade car has been one of my dream cars. A Grade comes far, far ahead of a Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. When was the last time you saw a Grade on the road?
I have been looking for anything related to this car for many years. I have also written several articles, but I always learn something new about the Grade and want to continue learning new things about the Grade.
That is why I am looking for more. I know that Hans Grade tried to export the car all over the world.

Are there any contemporary articles in car magazines outside Germany ? If so, I would appreciate a scan. I am also interested in contemporary Grade photos.


Hans Grade und sein Auto
Hans Grade and his Car  Der Grade 4/12 und 4/16 PS


I am looking about everything on "Joswin" Motorbikes and cars built in Berlin 1921 - 1925

The sole surviving Joswin. It had the Daimler 28/95 HP aeroplane engine

This car resided for decades at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

In 1925 the Joswin was registered in New York, with the number 7N-98-52.

The body was made by the Berlin firm "Szawe"

Nick Jonckheere is researching the Ostend Speed Week, ‘La Semaine (Automobile) d’Ostende’, which happened from 1901 until 1914. Many European entries in the first editions assured exciting cars to be present, and several land speed records were set. In later years, the international aspect became less important and mainly Belgian marques competed. After WWI, the event changed into a Concours d'Elegance and a Rallye Automobile. I’m particularly looking for information on the 1905 and 1907 Speed Weeks, and the post WWI Carrosserie contests. Several French, UK and other magazines reported on these events. There’s been some German marques participating during the years, like Opel and Mercedes, would there be a historian at these still-existing companies who could look up pictures ? With many thanks ! Email:, 00 32 479 498700.

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