On this page I plan to write about new books and may be about old books, too.

Also, I want to offer all readers to show their books to all the others.

I want to put adverts about books. Many have surplus books they want to sell and on the other hand they are searching for some specific book.

The Tricycle Book  1895 - 1902                       Part One

The Tricycle Book  1895 - 1902                       Part Two

Michael Edwards did it again. After his books De Dion, An illustrated Guide to Type & Specification 1899 - 1904 and De Dion, An Illustrated Guide to Type & Specification 1905  - 1914  he wrote another book, which I think is more interesting for the reader (At least for me). Its a book about the De Dion Tricycloes and its contemporaris in France. This 364 page book is full of photos and facts of French tricycles. Now the seond part is for sale, too. As interesting as the first part, it deals with tricycles in Great Britain.

Now I think, how we could have lived without knowing about them.

You can order Michals books via " https://surrendenpress.co.uk "  The price is a worthy GBP 80 plus shipping each.

Kutschenlack, Asphaltschwarz & Nitroglanz: Fahrzeuglackierung zwischen 1900 und 1945 by Gundula Tutt, published in German by Karren Publishing.ISBN: 978-3947060023


For me this book is very interesting. It describes the materials and methods of automotive fi nishing sys-tems from 1900 through 1945 beginning with brush-applied carriage varnish to oil-based baked enamels and to the spraying of nitroglycerin lacquers developed in the twenties. It is surely the first study of this subject. Dr. Gundula Tutt is a known restorer with a speciality to paint and lacquers on early cars to keep them as original as possible.

The book is sometimes difficult to read, but it is teaching quite a lot of early car manufacturing up to 1945.

I am told that there will be an English edition in near future.

Des Carrosses A L'Automobile.

My friend Francois Vanaret, whom I met some years ago in Paris the firsttime, has just written an interesting book about French Coachwork. It will be rady for the Retromobile and I am excited to see the book there.

I like much his previos book about the French firm  Kellner The title of the book is "Kellner  une dynastie de carossieres"

Last week in Paris I collected my example of the book. I love it. So dont miss it.

My friend Dr. Werner Beisel, like me a member of the AHG (Automobilhistorische Gesellschaft) wrote a fantastic book about the Soden Getriebe. One of the first preselector gearboxes. As I  am not a technician, I first thought it can be a little dull, but Werner not only described the gearbox, but the mainpart of the book are firms who used the Soden gearbox and it is fascinating how many firms tried to use the box. And for that part the book is worth every cent. You can get the book via the author

http://www.sodengetriebe.de/literatur/   If you are interested in German car history from the twentys, this book is a must.

Werner is  still looking for material about the Soden gearbox. If you know something interesting about the Soden, please contact him.

Michael Schick and the car of his dreams.

Just a few weeks ago he was able to buy one of the two remaining Steigers. Its the only one with its original body..

Its a 11/55 PS from 1925.

Congratulation Michael

My friend Michael Schick from Laupheim, Germany is researching the history of "Steiger" since years. In a labour of love he collected lots of material. It was more than enough material, so that he wrote three books.

The first is a history of the firm with lots of authentic material. Enough for 400 pages with 720 pictures. It will be yours for€ 49,00 plus shipping.

The second, is a small book about the engineer and driver Fritz Koch. 52 pages with 103 pictures for € 19,00 plus shipping.

And the third book is about Fritz Gockerell engineer for a short time with Steiger. He is known especially for the Megola Motorbike.

This can be yours for € 39,00 It has 188

pages with 349 pictures.

You can order these three books via

Michaels homepage:


The History of Electric car

The German Volker Christian Manz, living in Spain is writing a history of elecric cars in four volumes. Two of them are allready published. Volume one "Los Pioneros" deals with cars up to 1906, number 2 "Silenciosos y Limpios" with cars from 1905 - 1936. The third and fourth volume are not published yet. As you my have realised they are written in Spanish and as it is not the language  I am able to speak or read. So i only can admire the pictures. They are of very good quality and many of them I have never seen before. Both books have seperate chapters of European and American makes.

Volker Manz hopes that his books will be published in English and German, too. I know that qa German publisher is very interested to do it in German and probably English, too.

I only know of one book, which deals with the history of the electric car and that was published in 1981 in America and therfore it deals mostly with the American history.

Volker Manz books have each 120 pages with more than 300 pictures in colour and black and white each.

So anybody who is interested in these books can find further details on  www.historiasdelcoche.com.