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Brennabor 6.25 PS 8.jpg

Brennabor 6/25 PS Brennabor was the secind biggest manfacturer of Automobiles in the mid twentys.

Brennabor Juwel 10/45 from ca.1930

unbekannt 50 -1914.jpg

Who can tell me something about the make and type. This couple was photographed in a car which wears a nunberplate from Aachen(Aix la Chapelle)

I bought this photo years ago on a fleamarket in Berlin. It seems as this photo was taken at a filmset. All thr people have a lot of makeup applied to them.

Both cars have the numberplate IE, which is the country Brandenburg. IE 808 is the town Angermünde, IE 7806 is the town Forst. The man in the middle could be the German actor Harry Piel.

The badge doesnt help indentifying the car. 

Anders Clausager suggested NSU. The Radiator before 1914 looked quite similar, but I am not convinced.


unbekannt 5.jpg
Rolls Royce 20 HP 1926 2 600 jpg.jpg

As I am very interested in the Berlin Coachbuilder Alexis Kellner, I came to these two photos. The top one is on an unidentyfied chassis. The photo is from 1913 and the other photo shows a 1926 Rolls Royce 20HP.

Riley 9 Meiner 11.jpg

This Riley Nine, I bought in 1984. I found out later, that it was a Riley 9 Gamecock. After I sold it, it went back to England and was restored as a Gamecock. GX 9908 was sold recently in England. to a Dutch. Congratulations!

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