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In fall 2018 there was a nice drive near Berlin on sunny October day. I was passenger in the nice Amilcar C 4 you can see here.

British Salmson 28.jpg


British Salmson S4C 1935.  After I sold my Riley Gamecock, I bought this British Salmson Three Position Drophead Coupe. As it was a little to big for me and I was offered an Amilcar C4, I sold the car back to England. But nevertheless I would like to know where it is now. I know it was sold through an Auction in 2011. I am told it was gone to Italy. If you know where it is please tell me or give the owner my contact details.

British Salmson 38.jpg
British Salmson 31.jpg

I love this Vauxhall 30.98 with a Wensum body. A very good friend of mine owned this car in the eighties

The annual SAH Paris Dinner took place in 2017 at the Atelier Renault and not az the usual Automobil Club de France at the place de la Concorde.

As usual ther was the award giving at the Dinner.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, English Language: Wolseley - A Very British Car, by Anders Ditlev Clausager, published by Herridge and Sons Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, Language other than English: Los Proyectos Desconocidos de CETA y Pegaso, by Manuel Lage, published by Fundacion Jorge Jove.

From left to right: Anders Ditlev Clausager, Angel Jove, Manuel Lage, Louis F. Fourie President SAH and Kit Foster.

For me one of the nicest car was the Donnette Saloon, which was sold by Artcurial.  Nearly 40 years ago I nearly bought a Donnette twoseater. I paid a deposit, but than it was decided that the car cant be sold to Germany, it had to be kept in France. The deposit I got back.

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